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Horse Partners was founded to answer a need; a need for a new kind of hope, a new kind of process, and a different way to find answers. There is a unique offering to human hearts through horse connection. It is the offer of authentic connection and relationship; to see and be seen, to learn trust, live in truth and be acutely alive. It is our mission to make a way for all those needing a new way of hope to have access to equine assisted therapy and learning.

Horses live in complete vulnerability, authenticity, and acute self-awareness. These judgement-free beings, unable to lie, live 100% present 100% of the time. They see, smell, feel, move and relate to everything around them in every moment. They are designed for community and are masters of connection and relationship as they live their days within a herd. They speak volumes without sound, connect hearts without touch, and weave meaning into movement.

We are honored to share space with our equine partners and our human, client partners. We invite you join us in the arena to explore your own path of change.

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