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Horses are sentient animals that make them incredible partners in our work. Living in herds has made them masters in the intricacies of communication, social structures and trust. They have distinct personalities, likes and dislikes, and are good examples of varying relationships.

Horses’ divine design as prey animals makes them uniquely qualified to be our learning partners. In the wild, a prey animals’ main focus is survival and safety. They are equipped with unique qualities to keep themselves safe; acute hearing across great distances, the ability to feel things through their connection with the ground (even your heartbeat), sense the focus of energy in another being and much more. They are unable to lie, they live in the moment and they do not judge.

As human partners, we enter the nonverbal horse world and are challenged to learn connection, communication and relationship in a new way. This process offers a view into our own beliefs, definition of self and others, and how we connect. We are forced to slow down and unearth the why’s and how’s of ourselves and the resulting impacts in our life and relationships. Throughout the work, we become armed with new tools and understanding which are then practiced with our horse partners before being applied to life outside the arena.

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