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Join Our Sponsorship Team

We wouldn’t survive without our sponsors!
The vision of Horse Partners is big, and we can’t do it alone. Our clients, horses and facility all require more than we can produce through straight session fees. By joining the Horse Partners family, you come alongside something bigger than each of us; a new hope and changed lives.

Contact us HERE to donate!


This nonprofit was largely formed because so many of the clients that needed care the most weren’t able to afford it. Veterans who had finally “found the answer I never thought existed” for their PTSD were never to be seen again because their money ran out. Human Trafficking victims that couldn’t verbalize their stories but found connection and a path back to life were cut short in service as their funds ran dry. The stories are many and the need is great. We need your help to offer reduced fees to those in need!


We can’t put a price on how valuable our horse partners are to our team! However, their care has a definite price tag and it is not small. Each horse needs $250/month for basic costs. That doesn’t include any unknowns. Join us by sponsoring one of our horse partners.


We have many other places that need financial assistance in Horse Partners. Our overhead is more than any other type of therapy. Our sessions fees don’t cover our basic funding needs. Our therapy staff already works at a reduced rate to help cover the gap. Please consider helping us stay financially viable by donating today!

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