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It is true. We love our volunteers at Horse Partners! There is so much to do, in so many areas, that it is our sincere hope you find a place in Horse Partners that brings your gifts and talents to life. Our goal as a group is to bring hope and serve those in need. And, in the process of that, we are committed to building a family of volunteers and like-minded people that love to serve and have fun together. 

Contact us HERE to find out how you can join our Volunteer Team!
Necessary paperwork, background check and training may be required.


There are always projects happening at the ranch; painting, fence repair, construction, etc. We have a big vision for our facility, and it needs many hands to make it a reality. If you love to fix things, are gifted in construction, find joy in putting up straight fencing, can master a hammer or want to be part of a fun, working team, please join us!


Our herd takes a lot of care and work. Grooming, exercise, clean-up, feeding and more are just a start. While we prefer horse experience, we are able to train you into being a horse volunteer. Most horse help is outside of any session work. However, on occasion, we have need for volunteer horse handlers for group work. We are willing to train for that as well. Come meet our herd!


We run on a Board of Volunteers and that means that we have Committees that need your expertise! Are you an excellent Event Planner? Do you thrive meeting people, sharing a vision and fundraising? Are you a gifted writer and want to share Horse Partners’ stories? Maybe life comes alive through a lens and you’re a gifted photographer or videographer? Perhaps you have an eye for creating inspiring design in print, social media, or websites. Do you see financial statements when you close your eyes (in a good way)? Whatever your gifts and talents, we would love to hear from you! Come be part of a growing vision that is set to heal hearts and make a lasting impact!

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