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THERAPY At Horse Partners

Equine Assisted Therapy offers a unique way of finding healing. It requires a person’s brain and body to take in and store information differently due to the experiential nature of the work. There is a lot less talking and a lot more being. It is especially helpful for those that haven’t clicked with talk therapy, have trauma or are looking for a new way to find healing.

Equine Therapy

  • Moves beyond words to a deeper, experiential understanding
  • Is a somatic experience that requires whole body awareness
  • Brings ruling, subconscious thoughts and ways of processing to the surface
  • Reaches the whole person, spirit-soul-body, making it faster and more effective than other therapeutic modalities
  • Offers a non-judgmental environment
  • Provides immediate feedback
  • Creates new neural pathways
  • Is highly effective for trauma, PTSD and Complex PTSD
  • Allows for continual work even after the session as the subconscious brings processes to consciousness as the client goes about their life

What To Expect In A Session

All sessions are facilitated through a team approach by a licensed therapist and an equine behavior specialist. The two together interact and facilitate the session. The session is on the ground, no riding, and the horses are most often moving freely in the arena with the clients. There are many variables that feed into how the session will run so each time will be structured around the work of the day. Sessions are 50 minutes. No horse experience necessary and horsemanship is not our goal.

What To Bring

We work in all kinds of weather. While we have an indoor arena for inclement weather, it remains around 45°F in the winter. Appropriate warm weather clothing is a must; hats, gloves, boots, etc. No matter the season, close toed shoes are required. If it is your first session, bring any requested paperwork.

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